Let’s help get Studley on the Map!

It’s no secret that here at Claybank we love our local community and everything that goes on here. Being a family run business, it’s really important for us to help support our community and local economy! 

There’s a wonderful crowd funding project happening right now in Studley, Warwickshire called Studley On The Map...

Here’s a bit more info taken from the projects crowdfunding page...

What we’ll deliver

A website to inform visitors and locals about events, shops, tourism and more

New signage to village centre encouraging people to stop in Studley

Info boards for heritage, walks, shops and local attractions such as the nature reserve

Banners to advertise events, venues, organisations and Studleys offer

Gateway features to our beautiful countryside

In order to make this project a success they are asking for pledges from local businesses and residents to help reach their target of just under £36K! They are over half way to reaching this target with just 7 weeks left to go! 

If you want to help support this fantastic project then please PLEDGE HERE and help spread the word! (No money is taken unless the target is reached) 

They have a wonderful group on Facebook too; if you’d like to keep up to date with the project and other exciting fundraisers happening then give them a follow by clicking here 👍🏼

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